Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How was my first day?

Holllaaa! That was my first ever "first day" as an employee. * BIG CLAP FOR ME*πŸ‘

Before, i always said something like

"Tak nak kerja " Tak nak kerja bawah orang" Nak kerja sendiri duk umah
All those kind of "words" sebenarnya more to i nak jadi suri rumah sepenuh masa, which is i can concentrate 100% on my life as a wife, mother and bussinesswomen! (Yup future!)

So now i am officially as a Broadcast Journalist at Media Prima Bhd. ( Flip hair)
So what? Dulu maybe because i thought i do have enough savings and time to focus only on my bussiness ( Inaara Beauty ) and maybe i can make a lots of money by writing  novels ( That was when i get my first payment for my first novel) So when i saw a few 'zeros' on atm's screen, i thought yess!! I can do it! I can make money dengan duduk goyang kaki kat umah sambil berkhayal watak novel. But as time goes by, i think it takes a lot of time for me to finish my novel. Plus, it takes time to publish one novel. And my savings for now makin melecet. Gosh! ( and plus im not focusing on my writing) hmm so??

Yes alhamdulillah. Some people offer me jobs. But then i thought im not interested yet. I want to be a host. Alhamdulillah starting with Nona Manis TV3, i got offer as host for new programme. Probably insyaAllah start by 3rd January 2016. Tungguuu!!!😘

So for now. I am as BJ and host. I think im happy for what im doing right now. My time flexible..no such 'office time' work.πŸ˜…πŸ˜… But my problem now is transport!😭 Almost everyday i have to take cab and you guess how much i have to pay for cab's fare! Its Rm40 one way only all the way from Cheras to Sri Pentas. 😩 Pokaiii tokey balak nak...Kalau balik either Aiman tolong ambik dan hantar atau i balik dengan train. But im not saying that im regret for accept the offer from Abang Ally( Yup Ally Iskandar is my bos now☺)

Nak pindah but i kena consider a few things which is emmm ade lah.

So my first day ialah on 9th November 2015. I tumpang my cousin g smpai stesen chan sow lin. Nak beli token pastu tiga mesin tu rosak. ( what a day haha) Dah la lambat. So tunggu kejap je pastu dah boleh. Then tunggu tren. Bila sampai train rosak kema patah balik. So i was like pukul berapa nak sampai ni. Dah la my first day kot. Masa tu pukul 10 kot. Then i naik train turun masjid jamek,tukar ke kelana jaya. Chan sow lin to kelana jaya train's ticket is about rm4 only. So okey la. Then sampai kelana jaya i take cab to Sri Pentas. Bayar rm19 lebih kurang. Total from chan sow lin to Sri Pentas is Rm20++ . Okay la.

Masuk ofis jumpa Ain ( AP) dan tunggu duduk tanya-tanya je la. First day takde buat ape sangat kan. Lunch i pergi One Utama. Pusing-pusing makan and solat. At 3 pm i back to office tunggu meeting at 3.30. Then start at 4. Habis kul 6 lebih. Balik jaja hantar kat train. Sampai office kak long at 8.30 something. After that g makan sate kajanggg!!

Lepas tu sampai rumah dalam pukul 11 lebih. Then ready to sleep!!ZzzZzzZzπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

** I NEED A CAR!!**

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  1. Assalamualaikum adik manis..
    Congratulation dear! Krm slm kat bos. eh? :p

    Salam sayang,
    Kuching Sarawak.