Monday, November 23, 2015

Don't Judge

Am i being too strong before until i feel like too fragile right now?πŸ˜”

Jangan kita pandang masalah orang dan judge someone on their problem. Same as we don't want peoples to judge of what we're doing or what had happened in our life.

When we saw someone cry, or maybe they complaining about something. Dont simply judge them for what they're complaining only, try to be in their shoes. Berdiri disisi dia everytime, feel what they felt. As if you can "live' in their mind to see what actually in their mind. This is a reminder for me too.

Maybe sometimes they are just be too strong before. They had enough dugaan sampaikan sampai satu tahap, the only thing they can do is crying. But after that they start to berdiri semula. But yes, dia dah rasa 'fragile'. Because dia simpan lama.

Simply, people tend to judge others. It's like a norm eventhough diri sendiri pun tak suka bila di judge. Senang cerita, orang senang dia nak judge but when it comes to themselves, dia marah.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How was my first day?

Holllaaa! That was my first ever "first day" as an employee. * BIG CLAP FOR ME*πŸ‘

Before, i always said something like

"Tak nak kerja " Tak nak kerja bawah orang" Nak kerja sendiri duk umah
All those kind of "words" sebenarnya more to i nak jadi suri rumah sepenuh masa, which is i can concentrate 100% on my life as a wife, mother and bussinesswomen! (Yup future!)

So now i am officially as a Broadcast Journalist at Media Prima Bhd. ( Flip hair)
So what? Dulu maybe because i thought i do have enough savings and time to focus only on my bussiness ( Inaara Beauty ) and maybe i can make a lots of money by writing  novels ( That was when i get my first payment for my first novel) So when i saw a few 'zeros' on atm's screen, i thought yess!! I can do it! I can make money dengan duduk goyang kaki kat umah sambil berkhayal watak novel. But as time goes by, i think it takes a lot of time for me to finish my novel. Plus, it takes time to publish one novel. And my savings for now makin melecet. Gosh! ( and plus im not focusing on my writing) hmm so??

Yes alhamdulillah. Some people offer me jobs. But then i thought im not interested yet. I want to be a host. Alhamdulillah starting with Nona Manis TV3, i got offer as host for new programme. Probably insyaAllah start by 3rd January 2016. Tungguuu!!!😘

So for now. I am as BJ and host. I think im happy for what im doing right now. My time such 'office time' work.πŸ˜…πŸ˜… But my problem now is transport!😭 Almost everyday i have to take cab and you guess how much i have to pay for cab's fare! Its Rm40 one way only all the way from Cheras to Sri Pentas. 😩 Pokaiii tokey balak nak...Kalau balik either Aiman tolong ambik dan hantar atau i balik dengan train. But im not saying that im regret for accept the offer from Abang Ally( Yup Ally Iskandar is my bos now☺)

Nak pindah but i kena consider a few things which is emmm ade lah.

So my first day ialah on 9th November 2015. I tumpang my cousin g smpai stesen chan sow lin. Nak beli token pastu tiga mesin tu rosak. ( what a day haha) Dah la lambat. So tunggu kejap je pastu dah boleh. Then tunggu tren. Bila sampai train rosak kema patah balik. So i was like pukul berapa nak sampai ni. Dah la my first day kot. Masa tu pukul 10 kot. Then i naik train turun masjid jamek,tukar ke kelana jaya. Chan sow lin to kelana jaya train's ticket is about rm4 only. So okey la. Then sampai kelana jaya i take cab to Sri Pentas. Bayar rm19 lebih kurang. Total from chan sow lin to Sri Pentas is Rm20++ . Okay la.

Masuk ofis jumpa Ain ( AP) dan tunggu duduk tanya-tanya je la. First day takde buat ape sangat kan. Lunch i pergi One Utama. Pusing-pusing makan and solat. At 3 pm i back to office tunggu meeting at 3.30. Then start at 4. Habis kul 6 lebih. Balik jaja hantar kat train. Sampai office kak long at 8.30 something. After that g makan sate kajanggg!!

Lepas tu sampai rumah dalam pukul 11 lebih. Then ready to sleep!!ZzzZzzZzπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

** I NEED A CAR!!**

Monday, February 9, 2015

Macam mana nak jadi model?

Assalamu'alaikum wbt.. & hai!

Clean and fresh! hehe.So i removed semua old post dalam blog ni to give 'new & fresh' style and story! Lama tak update with daily life story..pasal novel..photoshoot and everything. Busy? Agakla..(tapi sebenarnya ada je masa...cuma M.A.L.A.S )

So makin ramai bertanya, macam mana nak jadi model? Ececeh!Uolls tanye iolls tu,bunyi macam iolls ni dah bertahun-tahun otai model la kan uolls ni...malleww iolls!hikhikhik. *panggg skali*
Nak jadi model kena cukup 170cm ke?Kena body cutting ala Victori's Secret model ke? Kena kulit melepak ke? Kena ada pakaian cecantik ke? Kena pose ala-alaAmerican Next Top Model keww???

Amboi...tersembokkk hakak.. (Ζ† ˘⌣˘ ) . Sebab hakak tidak memiliki kesemua ciri-ciri top's model yang adik senaraikan ittew..*lap ayaq mata* hehe.Jadi disini dengan segala sukacitanya saya share sikit pasal modelling..(walaupun tidaklah layak mana untuk share apa-apa..krohhhh X_X)


Niat atau sebab adik nak join bidang modelling atas sebab nak glamour? Nak dapat perhatian? Nak dapat baju free? Nak tambah side income? Nak beraksi depan camera nak gambar cantik2?Suka dapat makeup cantik2? Nak jadi pelakon lepas tu???..(Maybe..sebab ada yang join jadi pelakon lepas join modelling kan..hehe)

**Jawapan saya untuk persoalan ni salah satunya ialah......NO REASON!!Hahahhaa. Basically, seriously i have no reason why i join modelling. Kihkihkih. Tapi reason sampingan ialah sebab nak cari side income plus memang gile camera sejak dari kecil!!Saya suka tengok orang pakai cantik2..bergaya...hehehe.

Tapi kalau adik nak join sebab nak famous...emm..tak salah reason itu..cuma takut nanti tak lama dalam bidang ni. Sebab akak sendiri pun tak berniat untuk teruskan dalam modelling dan jadikan bidang modelling sebagai punca rezeki utama akak. Sampai satu masa akan stop (maybe bila dah berkahwin..hikhikhik. Sayang suami uollss..!)o


Attitude. Ini sangat penting..walaupun saya sendiri pun kadang-kadang mungkin terlepas pandang kan..Kena banyak sabar dalam bidang ni..Banyak rintangan..Sebab lagi ramai kita jumpa dengan orang..lagi banyak kita jumpa bermacam-macam jenis orang..Ada yang suka kita..ada yang buat-buat suka..ada yang ambil kesempatan,..ada yang tak suka kita..mengumpat..dan yang paling senang gelaran akan dapat bila jadi model ni..ialahh...---> D.I.V.A! or paling tepat ialah akan digelar berlagak DIVA! hahaha..emm..biasala kan..Kadang2 because of one smal thing..terus dicop..Minta jauh saya dilabelkan begitu..harap2 ada orang cepat2 menegur andai saya ter'belagak' DIVA suatu hari nanti.. Kadang2 saya kesian jugak dengan model-model famous ni..Sebab saya rasa kadang2..they have their own reason yang tak sempat dorang backup diri sendiri pun..tup tup dilabel 'BERLAGAK DIVA'' pastu dipas kesana sini kan.Kadang-kadang memang 'style' dorang bercakap atau reaksi begitu..or maybe bila dorang dah famous..MAYBE they have their own right untuk SEDIKIT demand..asalkan tak melebih-lebih..sebab takkan masih di takuk yang lama..Tapi i think pendapat tentang hal ni berbagai-bagai..depends on orang and situation...Atau kadang-kadang..cara dorang tak terperasan kan..apa kata menegur dengan cara eloks..Kalau dia tak terima tu..haaa..yesss!!U BERLAGAKSS DIVA!hahaha...Well..this is what i mean..and this is one of the obstacle u have to face once uolls dah famous..hehe. nasib iolls model part time bebiasa jek.


Bijak mengintai peluang. Ini antara terpenting..Kalau rasa dah bersedia dari segi mental fizikal dan sebagainya untuk join modelling...Kenalah rajin-rajin kan diri untuk alert dengan iklan-iklan dalam intagram, facebook dan majalah. Selalu je sebenanrya ada pencarian model untuk online-online butik dan majalah. Sebaga contoh untuk majalah hijabista, dan nur dari karangkraf, selalu je buat casting pencarian kalau free tu..pergi je..kadang2 for the first time tak akan dapat join..tapi at elast you got experience to pose depan camera and with photographer..Normally photgrapher akan bagitahu uolls pose camana..buat camana..haa..dua tiga kali dah jadi terbiasa la depan camera nanti..Cara kedua ialah join mana-mana group modelling kat FB. Selalu sangat photographer akan tanya sapa nak photoshoot 'win-win situation'. Maksud win win situation tu ialah talent/model tak perlu bayar photgrapher dan photographer tak perlu bayar model untuk sesi photoshoot tu. Sangat dialu-alukan untuk yang baru nak join atau selalunya dorang akan panggil 'newbie/talent'. Jangan segan untuk minta photographer comment cara pose uolls. Keras ke..terlebih gedikss ke..hahhaha..Dari situ banyak akan belajar pose..dan yang bestnya...dapat gambar cantik freeee!!hehehe. Nanti uolls bleh guna gambar2 tu untuk hantar pencarian model mana-mana majalah atau butik. TAPI!!Kena buat research sikit MALU? huishhhh!!Iolls pun pemaluuuuu tauu!!

Lagi satu..kena jadi PERAH SANTAN! (Perasan). Kena selalu practice depan cermin..tengok cara pose kita camana..pastu selalu tengok majalah-majalah hijab..Tengok macam mana cara pose model muslimah..supaya nanti tak terlalu 'over pose' HEHE.Kadang iolls pun rasa terlebih pose..astaghfirullah..huhu


Pandai menjaga maruah diri. Haaaa...ini pun penting sangat. Jangan nak terlebih-lebih lentok dan menggatal dengan photographer.haha. Nanti takut tak pasal-pasal senang 'dibawa kesana kemari'/Hmm..ingat jangan jatuhkan maruah sebagai model muslimah. Pakaian/pose kena jaga.Ini saya juga masih dalam pembaikian diri....

❤TIPS MENULIS NOVEL?? time saya share TIP MENULIS NOVEL PULAK YE..hehehe mmuahhhh!!!